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Austen Huft

2D & 3D Animation︱Character Design︱Concept Art

My name is Austen Huft, I am an Animation & Illustration major. I am experienced with 2d animating in Adobe Photoshop & Animate, 3d modeling in Maya, digital & traditional illustrations, and painting.

I've worked on multiple 2d and 3d animation short-films, group projects, and have been hired for free-lance commissions since 2017 using: Adobe Photo-shop & Animate, traditional sketches using charcoal, graphite, and ink, graphic designs, and figurine painting.

I am ready to tackle a task or challenge given to me with hard work and time, always trying to improve and learn new skills, find inspiration in fellow artists and music, and receiving critiques on how I can be the best animation & illustration artist I can be.

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